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Please be sure to send extra clothes with your child. It's getting warmer out, so the kids love to play outside in the sand and dirt!

Dear Parent Or Legal Guardian:This handbook is provided for Parents and Guardians to benefit and enhance your relationship with our family childcare home. It is important to recognize your individual family values with respect to the differences each child brings to our family childcare home. At Basics of Life, we believe that you are the primary source for learning and role modeling. We are here to support and strengthen the relationship between you and your child. At anytime where a question or a suggestion might arise, please feel the freedom and responsibility to let us know. We feel it is crucial for us to work together as a team, to better meet the needs of your child and family. Open communication is a must when you enroll your child at Basics of Life Christian Child Care. It will not only strengthen the parent/provider relationship, but also the provider/child relationship.

We appreciate your trust and judgment in placing your most precious gift in our daily care and educational setting.

Kurt and Kalvari Kershner
Basics of Life Christian Child Care

Effective August 25, 2010 - August 25, 2011


We care for 6 children, serve ages 6 weeks up to school age. We may also serve children of other ages on a temporary basis. Our care hours are Monday -Friday, 7a.m. - 5p.m. See preschool hours below.

The first 2-weeks a child is enrolled at Basics of Life (Basics of Life or BLCCC) is a trial period. If the child shows little to no adjustment, termination will take place.

All necessary forms must be completed before your child can begin at BLCCC. These forms are:

O ApplicationO Provider/Parent Child Care Agreement (Contract)O   Emergency Contact/Pick-up Authorization/HandbookO   Medical Form/ Medication Consent FormO   Release of Liability Field Trip Permission FormsO    Copy of Immunization RecordO  Acceptance Form

You are responsible to pay for the contracted days/hours regardless of attendance, holidays, illness, etc. Tuition is reviewed on an annual basis. There is an automatic increase in all fees beginning every January. The increase will be based on current economical changes. Parents will be given at least 30-days notice prior to any fee changes. Current rates are effective until December 2005. Fees not paid may preclude your child from continued care at BLCCC.

Tuition: Basics of Life only accepts tuition in the form of a personal check, money order or cashier’s check. Payment is due in advance before care is given. Payment is due on the Friday before the next week of care begins. If Friday is a holiday, payment is due on the day before the holiday. Otherwise, late fees will apply. FULL PAYMENT is due whether the child is present or not. This guarantees your child’s space.

                  Full time:                                        Part time :

       21 hours or more                 20 hours or less

Infant/Toddler child care - under age 3

Preschool -age 3 and up, and toilet trained$125.00$75.00

*discount is given for payment made ahead of care.


Part time preschool hours are: 9:00 a.m. -12:00p.m. or 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Hourly rate is per hour for less than 10 hours per week regardless of age: $5 per hour

Receipts can be issued within a few days of payments. The receipts are original invoices and will be signed by one of the owners. Parents must ask for a receipt, otherwise, all clients will receive a printout of all payment made for childcare during the year, no later than January 31st.

Registration Fee: The registration fee is a non-refundable fee and is due at the time of enrollment. The fee is and in addition to other fees. This fee holds your spot for 2 weeks.


School Supplies Fee: This fee is and will be required every year in September, regardless of when you enrolled your child.

Security Fee: If you want to hold a spot for longer than 2 weeks, an additional fee will be charged. This fee will be per month and will be due the beginning of each month until your child physically attends BLCCC. You have the choice to pay the security fee in full, or to pay each month at a time. If the security fee is not paid, your spot will be dropped, and no refund will be given. This is because we can not afford to hold your spot when there are others who wish to be cared for on a full-time basis.

Late Charges: A charge of $5 per day will be due for tuition fees not received by noon of the second day of late payment. After the third day, your child may not be allowed to return to BLCCC until ALL fees have been received.

Returned Checks: All checks that are returned to us, will be subject to a service fee. In addition, you will be responsible for any additional fees due to costs incurred by us due to your check not clearing. If a second check is returned, personal checks will no longer be accepted. Termination could result if two or more checks do not clear. If services are not terminated, a cashier’s check r money order must be used to pay your child’s tuition.

Charge for Late-Pick Up: Basics of Life closes at 5:00 pm. Please keep in mind that we are working parents also. Like you, we too have family demands on our time, and a life outside of childcare. If you are late picking up your child there is a charge per 15 minutes or portion thereof. The late charge pick-up fee will be added to the next week’s tuition. After 20 minutes, emergency contacts will be called to come and pick up your child.


Education Program:
Basics of Life’s educational program is designed to enhance each child’s feelings of self-worth and curiosity about the world. Activities for both group and individual needs are design to promote each child’s social, intellectual, and physical development. We believe that every child deserves the right to have choice. That’s why we know our program stands above the rest. Your child can choose from a variety of activities right at their finger tips.

Basics of Life preschool experience includes, but is not limited to:

Inside Activities:                           Outside Activities: 
Story time                                   Sand box
Group play/free time                  Swings
Language                                   Teeter-totter
Science                                       Riding Toys
Numbers (Eng/Span)            Trucks
Letters/sounds                             Nature hikes
Writing Skills                              Gardening (summer)
Colors/Shapes                            Water play (summer)
Calendar/weather                      Sledding (winter)
Food                                          Teepee
Feelings                                      Balance beam
Song and dance
Pencil dexterity
Large/fine motor skills

Infants do not have a planned curriculum; however, their daily activities include tummy time, texture and sensory items along with the visual stimulation of soft books.

Holidays Observed (Basics of Life Closed):
Basics of Life will be closed for the following paid holidays:

New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, or the observed day of any listed above. We will remind parents when we will be closed.

Vacation time:
We take 2 one week vacations per year. We will give at least a 30-day notice, before taking a vacation to allow you to find back-up care. Full payment is required if we provide back-up care, 80% is due if we require you to find backup care. This will reserve your child’s spot.

If you take a vacation, payment is still required because we are holding your child’s place at Basics of Life. If payment is not received before your vacation, the child cannot return until payment is made. We also require at least a 2-weeks notice for when you plan to go on vacation.

Substitute Care for Provider Illness:

Parents will be responsible for substitute care when the provider is unavailable due to sickness or other emergency.  We will do our best to have a replacement to cover for our illnesses, but there may be times when the parent will need to find a back-up care giver for their child. No payment will be due for days when our illness or other emergency prevents us from caring for your child. A refund of per day will be given on the next week’s tuition.

 Items supplied by Basics of Life Christian Child Care:
Basics of Life supplies crib sheets, napping cots, sunscreen, toothbrush, toothpaste, and diaper rash cream.
Items parents supply for their child:
Parents will supply blankets, pillows, diapers, baby food and formula.
Basics of life will provide 2 meals and 2 snacks per day. Meals are at scheduled times and if your child is going to arrive after a meal is scheduled to be served, you must feed them before bringing them to childcare. Any child not present for a meal will wait until the next meal is served. Meals times are set as follows:  Breakfast: 8:00am -8:30am, Morning Snack: 10:00am-10:15am, Lunch: 12:00am -12:30pm, and Afternoon Snack: 3:00pm - 3:15pm. You will be provided a menu of our meals. All children will be offered food on the menu, but will not be forced to eat. If they choose not to eat, they will not be offered anything until the next mealtime. Milk and Water will be provided at eat meal and snack.  Infants are the exception, because they are being introduced to solid foods, so their meals will be different. Occasionally, BLCCC will provide ice cream, popsicles, or popcorn. If your child has special dietary needs, we must have them in writing. Please help your child understand his/her special dietary needs so they will better understand why they can not eat what the other children are eating.  Please provide any required food. Please do not allow your child to bring candy, or gum from home.Clothing:
We feel that your child will be the happiest when dressed in causal, comfortable clothing. Please make sure all of your child’s clothing is labeled. Any child over the age of 1 year must have shoes. Be sure that the cloths are appropriate for the weather as most days will involve outdoor activity. Please provide one extra outfit in case of accidents. A note will be provided if the extra outfit is used, and more cloths need to be brought in.
Behavior Management:
Basics of Life’s approach to discipline begins with helping the children differentiate between acceptable and unacceptable behavior, as much as they can. We want the child to be sensitive to the feelings of others, as well as themselves. We will not use physical punishment, embarrassment, or intimidation as a form of discipline. The exception to this rule is spanking. If you choose for us to use spanking as a form of behavior management, you must give us written permission. Otherwise, spanking will not be used as a form of behavior management.

Keep in mind that our children are so young and go through social and emotional changes daily. We will aid in the resolution of any problem. If the child is having a specific behavioral problem, we will work with the child by getting down at the child’s eye level and explaining why the behavior is not acceptable. In some cases it may be necessary to remove the child from the situation for a short period of time.

For behavioral problems that cannot be resolved by us, a parent conference will be scheduled. We will work together to come up with a plan to correct the behavioral problem. It is important that there be consistency, both at home and at childcare.

If resolution cannot be reached and the child’s behavior continues, the parent will receive written notice of termination. The effective date will be two weeks from the date given to the parent, unless the seriousness of the situation requires sooner action, meaning immediate termination.

Safe environment: We will not allow your child to hurt others or be hurt by others, or to be put in an unsafe situation. There are accident reports that must be filled out if anything happens to your child while in our care. You will always be notified if anything does happen to your child at BLCCC.

Parent Responsibilities:
Daily Sign In and Out Sheet: We require that all children are signed in and out each day. The sheet is located near the entrance. Please be sure to fill out the sheet in the back of this handbook with anyone who may possibly pick your child up. Anyone who picks the child up other than the parent or legal guardian will need to have prior permission from a parent, and show ID when picking up the child.

Absence: We require parents to call when your child will not be coming or will be coming late. Our phone number is: 740-694-1622. Please call no later at 7:30 am to let us know of your arrival time. This will help us to not worry, and also to make any necessary changes to the activities for the day.

Visiting: Parents are always welcome to visit their child/children and observe our program during business hours. We have an open door policy. Your suggestions are welcome.

Communication: Please talk to us about any concerns or questions you may have about the care of your child. Open communication is a must when you enroll your child at BLCCC. Notification of changes: You are responsible for keeping us informed of any changes of the following: Address, phone number, employment, emergency contacts, health insurance, pick-up authorization, or any other identification or emergency information.

Child Abuse Reporting
We are mandated by the State of Ohio to report any and all suspected child abuse and/or neglect. This includes children being in proper restraints in your vehicle at drop off and pick up. If they are not, we are mandated by the State of Ohio to report it as negligence. Please protect your children at all times and do not put us in this uncomfortable situation. 

Health Policies:
We operate a WELL CHILD FACILITY. This is a strict policy that will protect all involved. Your compliance is appreciated, and you will be compensated with the assurance that all ill children will be kept home. Please keep in mind that well children are demanding and sick children even more so. Please be fair to your child, the other children who come to our childcare, our families, and us. DO NOT bring your child to us when they are ill. If you are unsure, please call prior to bringing your child. It is extremely important that we work together in keeping our children healthy. One child’s cold may be another child’s bronchitis or worse. If your child becomes ill while in our care, you are required to pick them up, or have someone from the authorized list pick them up with in an hour.

These are the following guidelines that BLCCC adheres to:

1. Ohio State Department of Social Services and State Department of Health requires all children receive polio, measles, diphtheria, HIB, pertusis, tetanus, and tuberculosis immunizations. Only children who have received immunizations can be enrolled at BLCCC. These immunizations are free of charge at the Knox County Health Department.
2. In any case when illness occurs, resulting in a fever of 100 °F or higher, or a contagious infection, the parent must keep the child at home or make other arrangements. THE CHILD MAY ONLY RETURN AFTER THE FEVER HAS BEEN
NORMAL FOR 24 HOURS. For an infection you must get a doctor’s note and/or medical prescription. Allergies and mild cold are exceptions.
3. Please contact us as soon as possible if your child develops any communicable diseases. They are as follows: chicken pox, strep infections, flu, and/or conjunctivitis. Also let us know if your child has head lice. We will notify the other parents so that they be aware of symptoms related to these diseases.
4. When any medication needs to be given to a child, we must have written permission from the parent and physician before it may be administered. The permission form that will be provided will also have a spot where you must fill in the dosage and the time the child needs to receive the medication. We will provide the medication forms and it will be necessary for you to complete if you need us to administer any medication.
5. The parent needs to notify us if your child is taking any medication only at home. This will enable us to be aware in case allergies arise, or the child has side effects while in our care.
6. If a child has been vomiting (any vomiting with in the past 24 hours), they cannot come to childcare.
7. If a child has diarrhea (3 or more loose bowel movements within 2 hours), they cannot return until their BM’s are back to normal

Tuition credit is not given for absences due to illness.

When your child can come back to Basics of Life:

Chicken Pox                             Until lesion are crusted

Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye           After treatment by a physician, medical release is required.                                                   (Minimum of 24 hours)

Giardia (Diarrhea)                   Must be diarrhea free for 24 hours.

Head Lice                                After a pediculicide Treatment. All nits & eggs must have been

removed. Please have them checked at the health department


Impetigo                                  24 hours after starting treatment. Medical release is required

Basics of Life holds high value for “parent awareness.” Each newsletter includes information for the month, regarding units of study, special projects, holiday activities, any field trips and various other items that become applicable!

Special Occasions, Birthdays:
Parents are encouraged to bring a special treat in for their child’s birthday to help them celebrate. Please check with us when making arrangements. Feel free to drop-in and spend some time with your child on his/her special day. We will have a sign-up sheet for treats for holiday parties

Toys and sharing:
We ask that toys be kept at home or left in the car, as it often creates power struggles between other children when they bring a toy to childcare.

Parent conferences are held at parent’s request and by appointment only. Please talk to us about scheduling an appointment if it is necessary.

Walks are a nice treat for the children, when the weather is nice. The walks allow the children to experience their outdoor surroundings. When we are on walks, I carry a first aid kit and a cell phone with emergency numbers. Only children with written permission are allowed on walks. We will not leave our property without parental permission.

Substance Abuse Policy:
Basics of Life promotes a smoke-free and alcohol-free environment. For this reason, there is no smoking, or drinking of alcoholic beverages allowed on the premises.
It is common for young children to bite when they are teething, frustrated, or angry. We try to encourage the children to use words, and every effort will be made to try to keep them from biting. Please be aware, that not only can your child be bitten, your child can also be the “biter”. Biting is an unacceptable behavior that can be overcome by working together both at home and at childcare. If we are unable to stop the biting and every reasonable effort has been made to control the situation, the parent will be asked to withdraw their child from BLCCC.

It is often difficult for both parent and child to make it through the first few days of school. If you anticipate tears or other expressions, let us offer a few suggestions. Please bring your child by for a visit before his/her first day. Express your own happiness or excitement about coming to childcare. Encourage a hug and kiss, etc. and promptly leave. Try to avoid power struggles by sticking around! The child will usually get involved in an activity after about five minutes. You are encouraged to call us during the day to assure yourself that your child is doing alright!!! Children can go through many phases of separation anxiety. Just when we and the parent think the child is comfortable, he/she may start the anxiety over again. We must then remember to do the previous suggestions.
Terms of the Parent Handbook:
All terms and conditions are subject to change with a two-week written notice. In the event that a change is made, a new handbook contract will be presented. We will examine the handbook, contracts and financial agreement in January. Each year new contracts and financial agreements will need to be created. Revisions that are made will require that parents sign and returned the policy slip by the date given. Revisions can take place any time during the year when deemed necessary. Any revisions will replace and make void any prior handbook. If you do not agree or chose not to return an updated handbook policy slip by the date given, this will be considered your two week notice. All policies will be enforced. Failure to follow any policy will result in immediate termination.

Parents are responsible for providing a written two-week notice if they decide to terminate. Failure to provide such notice will result in being charged the full rate for two weeks, plus any back childcare owed. Failure to pay these fees within 10 calendar days will result in being taken to small claims court.

We reserve the right to terminate the contract at any time for any sufficient reason, including but not limited to late payment, misbehavior, or unruliness of the child. The parent may or may not be given a 2-week notice to find a center that will better meet the needs of their child. This will be at our discretion and based upon the circumstances. The following are grounds for immediate termination from BLCCC:
Early drop off and/or late pick up with out advanced approval
- Failure to pay late fees and/or tuition on time
- More than two returned checks
- Failure to follow policies and/or dishonesty
- Abusive language  and/or aggressive behavior by parent OR child
- Failure to provide required forms and information (immunizations, etc.)
- Failure to provide true and correct information regarding your child
- Failure to provide necessary supplies for your child (Clothing, shoes, etc.)

Please keep this handbook for your own reference

Emergency Contact/Pick-up Authorization

Please return to Basics of Life Christian Child Care with payment due.


Emergency Policy:

For life-threatening emergencies, the provider will: Call 911 and parents Name of person (s) to call in case of emergency when parent (s) cannot be reached:

Name ___________________________________ Phone _______________________________

Name ___________________________________ Phone ______________________________


Persons authorized to pick up the Child(ren):

          Mother YES      NO                                           Father  YES      NO

 Name  _____________________________ Relationship ________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________Home Phone ________________________ Work Phone ___________________________

Make/ Color of car __________________ License Plate Number _________________________ 


Name  _____________________________ Relationship ________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________Home Phone ________________________ Work Phone ___________________________

Make/ Color of car __________________ License Plate Number _________________________ 


Name  _____________________________ Relationship ________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________Home Phone ________________________ Work Phone ________________________

Make/ Color of car __________________ License Plate Number _________________________


The administration of Basics of Life Christian Child Care will allow only persons who have been authorized by the parent/guardian to remove child(ren) from his/her care. 
I, __________________________________________________, have read, understand, signed and will follow the policies specified in the Parent Handbook.

Mother’s Signature____________________________                       Date____________________

Father’s Signature____________________________                        Date____________________

Director Signature___________________________                          Date____________________


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