Our Values & Daily Schedule
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We believe:


*       that families are central to everything we do.

*       in quality at all levels of service delivery and management.

*       in responding to the needs of our community innovatively.

*       in the participation, commitment and empowerment of our caregivers, and families.

*       in systematic planning and implementation while ensuring fiscal responsibility.

*       that we have an obligation to advocate in areas related to our services.

*       that we are partners in our communities.


Our commitment to family centered care means:


*       family members are encouraged to become involved in our program.

*       we promote partnerships with families through communication such as newsletters and special events.

*       programs and caregivers honor  to Jesus as well as to family diversity and values.

*       caregivers support parents' efforts to advocate for their child.

*       we want to establish links between families and the community.

Daily Schedule Plan

The children will learn consistently on a daily basis the following:

Manners, Letter/sounds, Number, Weather, Shapes, Colors, Practical Life, Free time, Languages (some spanish), Pencil dexterity, Large/Small motor skills, and so much more....

We will soon add an acutal time schedule so you can see just what you child is doing at each hour of the day!

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